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VYCE Drinkware

VYCE FullBar Kit

VYCE FullBar Kit

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Introducing the VYCE Full Bar Kit – Elevate Your Home Bar to Unprecedented Heights!

Immerse yourself in the world of personalized infusions with the VYCE Full Bar Kit, a combination of our finest products designed to craft an exceptional home bar experience.

Starter Kit:
Dive into the art of mixology with the Starter Kit – an all-inclusive set featuring two 375ml bottles, two VYCE rocks glasses, two infusion packets, and one infusion bottle. This comprehensive kit equips you with the essentials for creating bespoke craft cocktails. Explore three all-natural gourmet blends, discover delightful recipes, and elevate your home bar with ease. Don't forget to check out our infusion refills for endless possibilities.

MiniBar 375 Kit:
Elevate your spirits with the MiniBar 375 Kit, offering three meticulously curated, all-natural gourmet blends. Perfectly sized for your home bar, each kit includes purpose-sized Bar Bottles, one packet of each blend, and 375ml bottles for your crafted concoctions. Refill options available separately for those seeking continuous infusion magic.

MiniBar 750 Kit:
Immerse yourself in the MiniBar 750 Kit, an extraordinary home bar experience featuring two all-natural gourmet blends. This kit includes four infusion packets, filling two 750ml bottles perfectly. Enjoy a convenient funnel with a built-in strainer for clean and efficient decanting. Delve into simple, delightful cocktail recipes and explore infusion refills for endless creative possibilities.

MiniBar Whiskey Kit:
Indulge the whiskey lover in your life with the Whiskey Lover Kit, a perfect blend of flavors for crafting delectable infused whiskey cocktails. Featuring three hand-picked Infusion blends, this kit includes two VYCE rocks glasses, two VYCE whiskey tasting glasses, two 375ml bottles, and two whiskey cocktail infusion packets. Elevate your favorite whiskey cocktails with all-natural spices, herbs, and botanicals. Explore our infusion refills for endless inspiration.

Craft your extraordinary home bar today with the VYCE Full Bar Kit – where innovation meets indulgence!
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